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Yay, you found our SCHOOL YEAR Schedule! Here's a spreadsheet view of the school year that ended in May 2023 to give you an idea of the classes we offer. Please see our Summer Classes and Summer Events pages for our unique summer schedule. THE 2023-24 SCHOOL YEAR SCHEDULE WILL BE VIEWABLE BY THE END OF JUNE, WITH REGISTRATION OPENING JULY 1ST. That schedule will launch in person on August 21st. Hope to see you then!

If the class you want is Waitlisted, please be sure to add your kiddo to the waitlist, so we can keep you updated (via email) on availability. Thanks!


Our classes include skills and drills for bars, beam, floor, and vault using a variety of equipment. We recommend kiddos of all ages and abilities join and develop their strength, flexibility, and body awareness, and confidence. Blue classes cover so many foundational skills, so "If you're new, go Blue!" These classes are divided by age, as listed below. Our Purple classes have skill requirements and include more dance elements, including an intro to learning choreographed routines. Bronze, Silver, and Gold classes focus on competitive level skills and routines. We can schedule a skills assessment if you think your kiddo might be ready for our Purple, Bronze, Silver, or Gold class. The first class with us is always free. To finalize enrollment, there is an annual insurance fee of $35 per student due along with the monthly tuition listed below.  







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